#The world needs love. #世界需要爱。(公益歌曲)

#The world needs love.
#Dunia Memerlukan Cinta
#இந்த உலகத்திற்குத் தேவை அன்பு”

这是由脱口唱活动主催艺人 WinnieHO 何芸妮 发起的一首公益歌曲- 《WorldNeedsLove 世界需要爱》. 我们发现在这个时代越来越多人缺乏爱,忘了爱,不被爱,不敢爱,需要爱 。所以有了这个歌和活动来提醒大家记得爱,及时爱!!
Singers 参与歌手: Beeman @ manhand, Bihzhu, Crystal王雪晶, Dennis Gan 颜小丹, ee 依依, Evan 萧文亨, Fayse 吴国菲, Gary 叶俊岑, Ida Mariana, Isabell 潘沁珈, Janet Lee, Jeffery 阿飛, Nurul Aina, Peter Ong, Serena 张盈慧, Shio 郭修彧, TP Lim 林忠彪, WinnieHO 何芸妮, Yudi Yap 友弟, Z Yan 欣彦

“因为感受了接二连三的社会问题以及国家大小事,听到周遭许多哀号,某天,集合了#脱口唱 的团队,召集身边艺人朋友,一起把爱唱出来,同时用最实际的行动把爱行出来。这些朋友都义不容辞,而这就是我们用心的成品。这个活动完全没有商业动机,也不是什么活动主题曲,更没有接下来一连串的造势宣传。我们只想结合小小的力量,提醒大家爱!活出爱!我们鼓励大家参与我们,每一天都有一个微爱,一切从身边座位。今天就开始感恩周遭的一些,爱身边的一切。

After many incidents happened around the world, and mourning going around the world. And suddenly, this song came into my mind and I felt we should do something about this. So I made a few calls to these bunch of friends. Without any hesitations, they agreed to take part in this project. And here’s the effort of these humble people.
This project doesn’t carry any commercial intention. It’s not a campaign or event theme song. No sponsor, no hidden agenda. It is purely done for one reason – to spread the message of LOVE via our music and to live LOVE in our daily life! .. (Of course, if you want to invite us to any charity event to sing, you’re welcome, hehe )
Feel free to-repost and share it among your friends.
“Live life with Faith, Hope and Love. LOVE is the greatest”.

Rap 饶舌 & 饶舌歌词 : Beeman @ ManHanD
Mandarin Lyric: WinnieHO 何芸妮, Fayse 吴国菲, Isabell 潘沁珈
Writer(s): Luigi Creatore, Hal David, Burt F. Bacharach, Hugo Peretti, George Weiss
Copyright right reserved.

Arranger 编曲: Tay Cher Siang 郑泽相
Piano 钢琴: Tay Cher Siang 郑泽相
Bass 贝斯: AJ Popshuvit
Sax 萨斯风: Julian Chan
Drummer 鼓手: KJ Wong
Vocals Arrangement 和声编写: Isabell 潘沁珈
Choir 合唱团: Isabell 潘沁珈, WinnieHO 何芸妮, Fayse 吴国菲,Jeffery 阿飛

Concept & Executive Producer 企划 & 监制: WinnieHO 何芸妮
Producer 制作人:Isabell 潘沁珈, WinnieHO 何芸妮
Recording Studio 录音室: Bosh Production Studio (vocals), StarMountStudio (instrumentals)
Recording Engineer 录音师: Billy Ong 王诗豪 @ Bosh Production Studio (vocals), Alex Tan @ StarMountStudio (instrumentals)
Mixing & Mastering: Billy Ong 王诗豪 @ Bosh Production Studio
Photography & Music Video 摄影 & 音乐录影带: Alvin Yong & Kyle Tan @ Paperplane Image Studio

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