dayDream 2015 “Tian Gong Xi Meng ren” EP Introduction (E)|

dayDream 2015 “Tian Gong Xi Meng ren” EP Introduction (E)|

In this EP collection, dayDream recorded 3 concept of the theme song “Tian Gong Xi Meng Ren” and fully produced by dayDream themselves. This song is sung in a Chinese dialect: Fujian or Hokkien. daydream hopes to break the tradition in making music and focus on the production of a song into 3 different interpretation: “despair, hope and appreciation”.

Track 1 Tian Gong Xi Meng Ren Guitar instrumental version
Track 2 Tian Gong Xi Meng Ren original version
Track 3 Tian Gong Xi Meng Ren Piano instrumental

In life, we always bump into situations that seemed impossible to achieve our dream plan, this will hinder the process of us going forward. However, there are always people around us that will unintentionally help us deal with the hardship and eventually succeed. With the same positive energy, we hope to encourage people to also give a helping hand to whoever who needs a little push in their lives. The 3 versions of the songs give an inspirational and motivational feeling not only by listening to the words, audience will also experience the mood and feeling “sung” by the instruments.

Many “Hands that Help” made completion “Tian Gong Xi Meng Ren” and song and MV shoot possible

dayDream is grateful to all who came together to complete this song, especially Ying Ying who is the first time doing lyrics, which is in Fujian dialect. Mixing engineer who does the mixing for the song , Stephen who worked closely with Jacky Cheung. Local MV director Han long, actors and actresses such as ManHanD (Von & Beeman), Akit 郑子娟 (new media artists) and renowned local dancers Alex Poppinrex (Katoon Network KTNK), also our big main character Levin Loh.

CD Cover design principles

In 1934, a young Swedish designer Oscar Reutersvärd invented an “incredible shape” (impossible figure) theory, and that was the first time a series of shapes is designed to the theory of “visual + Art + Mathematics” binding. His first masterpiece is the “three-dimensional links triangle -Penrose Triangle”. In the past, this is an impossible figure theory and design. This absolutely broke the conservative thinking of the society. Oscar Reutersvärd the designer actually want to express this theory: “The impossible becomes possible!” IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE to break the pattern of human conservative thinking!. His great design theory / concept continues to affect many politicians, thinkers, psychologists, designers, architects, etc., to jointly promote the significance of this positive energy!

dDTG EP cover (33cmX13cm)

The CD Cover designer Monosketcher was inspired by the great theory by Oscar Reutersvärd. Using dayDream logo as a blueprint, a link shape of impossible figure was created. This design was a perfect match for dayDream’s moto of “dare to realize dreams; making the impossible daydreams possible!”. Besides, the logo cycle link also represent “people” who is living in the cycle, which you may also consider as “God ” in helping you, inspire you and encourage you to complete the impossible task. Pattern is simple, significant!

Release Date: June 18, 2015, EP world digital download premiere & limited edition anniversary CD

“Free download” Tian Gong Xi Meng Ren”guitar sheet music! “
dD 天公惜夢人 EP + tee  pre order
The concept EP will be premiered in digital platforms such as iTunes, KKBox, Spotify and Deezer. To celebrate the 12th anniversary of dayDream, Manroom is releasing Limited Collector’s Edition CD together with a crossover tee, co-operating with local designer brand TeeBreak and illustrations painting artist MonoSketcher. Limited copies can only be purchased at

dayDream STAY ALIVE 2015 live show
2x6 feet dayDream stay alive 2015 bunting

This coming June and July, dayDream will have two dayDream STAY ALIVE 2015 showcase, in the THE BANK live house Penang and VOIZSUP Kuala Lumpur respectively. Due to economic downturn, MANROOM also launched a free admission to watch, which is “Pay As You Wish,” new concept, for encouraging Malaysia audience to experience Malaysian Chinese rock concerts.

dayDream STAY ALIVE 2015 , Penang
Date: 11 July 2015 (Sat) | Time: 9pm
Venue: The Bank live house, Penang

dayDream STAY ALIVE 2015, KL
Date: 18 July 2015 (Sat) | Time: 9pm
Venue: VOIZSUP live house, Kuala lumpur


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